Restricted Areas

The City may designate a Right of Interment Restricted Section of the cemetery, and the following shall apply to those sections:

  1. Flat markers only are permitted in a Right of Interment restricted section of the cemetery. A vase is permissible within the perimeter of the monument as an invertible vase only. No structures, benches, fences, or mounds permitted. Full grave slabs which cover any portion of the spaces except for the monument headstone are prohibited in this section. No planting except in designated areas by permission of Cemetery personnel. Memorials or headstones located on the west end of the site must be in accordance with the general layout of the cemetery.
  2. Only one bouquet of flowers may be placed on each burial space, providing they are placed in an approved ground level vase or in a vase that is part of the memorial. Any extra items placed on holidays or other special occasions will be removed in ten days.
  3. The marking of each burial space is restricted and limited to a flat monument, set flush with the turf, and of such dimensions, materials, design, finish and construction as designated by this code.
  4. For the safety and maintenance of the cemetery, any item consisting of glass, brick, wood, metal (except temporary metal markers), and any toys, souvenirs, yard decoration, or other items set out in this Chapter as being prohibited, are prohibited from being placed upon any burial space in restricted sections of the cemetery.