Communications Center

The City's Communications Center processes all calls for service (police and fire) for the City of Apopka's public safety agencies. The Communications Section is central to the police and fire function. The section is the vital link between citizens requiring police or fire services and the public safety officers who respond to the event. 

Handling Emergency & Non-Emergency Calls

Supervised by the Communications Manager, the men and women of this section handle 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls that come in for city services after hours and coordinate all radio traffic for the city. They must promptly and courteously:
  • Dispatch a police unit to handle every justifiable request made by the public for police service
  • Facilitate field operations through the rapid dissemination of critical information by radio and telephone
  • Provide the department with centralized control of personnel
  • Receive and record requests for police service

Large Call Volume

The center handles more than 52,000 – 911 calls and 130,000 non-emergency phone calls annually and processes well over 100,000 individual calls for service for the various agencies served by the center. This makes the Apopka Communications Center one of the largest volume centers in Central Florida.

Regional Dispatching Center

Additionally, Apopka's communications center is a regional dispatching center handling all calls for the Maitland Police Department, Eatonville Police Department and the associated public services entities for those cities.

Transferred Fire Calls

Although the 911 or non-emergency call may come to the Apopka center for fire calls for those cities, the call is transferred to the Orange County Fire Department for call processing.