Administrative Support

Administrative Support, supervised by a Captain, includes:
  • Accreditation
  • Code enforcement
  • Park rangers
  • Technical services (crime scene)
  • Training
  1. Code Enforcement
  2. Technical Services
  3. Training

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement officers work directly for the police department. Code enforcement officers initiate actions to maintain and enhance the quality of life in Apopka. Those actions include the enforcement of regulations that preserve and protect property values and ensure a safe environment for all citizens in the city.

Code Violations & Process
Code Enforcement inspects and provides notifications of violations regarding existing land uses and structures. The Code Enforcement Officers routinely observe violations, take appropriate legal actions to remedy the violations, including, if necessary scheduling a matter to be heard by the Code Enforcement Board.

Initiating Code Enforcement Cases
Members of the public wishing to initiate a code enforcement case may contact the office at 407-703-1738 or email the Police Department.

Specific actions by Code Enforcement includes enforcing codes relating to:
  • Businesses operating without occupational license
  • Construction activities without permits
  • Disabled motor vehicles
  • Existing structures and land uses
  • Illegal commercial activities in a residential district
  • Illegal uses within commercial districts
  • Overgrowth of tall weeds and grass
  • Residential and commercial dilapidated structures
  • Sheds and fence structures
  • Unsightly or discarded articles