Common Code Violations

  1. Building/Property Related
  2. Signs, Noise, Etc.
  3. Vehicle Related

Building/Property Related

It is important to remember that a resident of Apopka may have to adhere to deed restrictions and condominium /homeowners association rules that are more restrictive than City Codes. Should a community be under a homeowners association, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to review any deed restrictions listed in his/her documents in order to fully understand his/her responsibility and any regulated subjects in his/her neighborhood. The City does not enforce these rules.

Building Numbers
All buildings, including homes, shall have numbers located on the building or in the front yard clearly visible from the adjacent road. The numbers shall be at least three" in height for residential and at least six" in height for all other buildings and in a contrasting color to the background.

All fences and walls shall be maintained in good repair and in an upright condition and free from graffiti.

Overgrown Property
The growth of grass, weeds, or brush may not exceed a height of twelve" or accumulate for more than three months.