Dual Check Backflow Preventer

Customers in reclaim water service areas may choose to test their double check backflow preventer which is installed right after the potable water meter. Backflow preventers are meant to protect the potable water service. 

If the customer chooses to go with the conversion, the device will only need to be serviced every 5 years. Internal parts for replacement will be the only maintenance required on a dual check in 5 years. Cost for the replacement parts are 75% cheaper than the cost for a new backflow preventer. 

Dual Check Maintenance

A step by step is shown on how maintenance on a Dual Check is performed. 

  1. Step One: Ford Dual Check Device connected to a water meter Step one Ford Dual Check Device
  2. Step Two: A Ford Dual Check is able to be serviced in line.Step two Ford Dual Check Serviced in line
  3. Step Three: Springs and poppet assemblies are visible by removing access cap. Step three springs and poppet visible after removing access cap
  4. Step Four: Empty brass valve body.Step four empty brass valve body
  5. Step Five: Install new spring and poppet assemblies. Step five Spring and poppet

Internal Components for a Dual Check Device (Diagram) 

This diagram includes labeled names for the internal components for the Dual Check Device. Dual Check Internal Components Diagram