Purpose of Scholarships: 

Provide financial assistance on the basis of need to all city residents who would like to participate in recreation programs provided by the City's Park and Recreation Department.


  • Verified City of Apopka resident
  • Verified household income not more than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level


  • Complete Scholarship Request Application
  • Copy of Valid photo ID
  • Most recent tax return (Form 1040) 
  • Copy of current lease, mortgage statement, or utility bill

Provide Any Applicable Information:

  • Last two paystubs from household working adults
  • Social Security/Disability Benefit statement
  • Unemployment benefit statement
  • Medicare/Medicaid Notice of Action Letter
  • Public Housing Authority Rent Receipt 
  • Food Stamps (SNAP) Notice of Action Letter

Scholarship Eligibility Time Period: Scholarships are valid for 1 year from date of approved application.

Call 407-703-1642 or email Cindy Edwards.