Downtown Apopka Trail

Proposed Downtown Apopka Trail

The City of Apopka's Downtown Trail System will include the following trails: 

  1. E. Station Street / E. 6th Street from S. Central Avenue to McGee Avenue 
  2. Michael Gladden Boulevard from Hawthorne Ave. to S. Park Avenue 
  3. S. Hawthorne Avenue from W. Michael Gladden Avenue to 5th Street
  4. 5th Street from S. Hawthorne Avenue to Marvin Zanders Avenue

Button Downtown Trail MapDownload the Apopka Downtown Trail Map (PDF)

This recreation trail is being designed as a 10-foot to 12-foot wide recreation trail for walking, bicycling, and rollerblading (no motor-driven vehicles). The trail is about 2 miles with palm trees and lighting along the entire length. 

Design will take about 3 to 4 months with construction starting around September 2021 and may be completed by the end of 2021. 

The trail will link to the West Orange Trail at the intersection of E. 6th Street. The West Orange Trail runs north just past Welch Road and also south to the Cross-Station trail down in Winter Garden that runs east to Cape Canaveral and west the Harbor Beach in Pinellas County. 

The Downtown Apopka Trail will link the west side of downtown from Alonzo Williams Park on W. 5th Street from S. Hawthorne Avenue to Marvin Zanders Avenue, and then to the central downtown shopping area at E. 5th Street and E. Central Avenue down Station Street to E. 6th Street, and will then continue on E. 6th Street all the way to the City Center on the east side of downtown. Other portions of the trail will include S. Hawthorne Avenue from W. 5th Street at Alonzo Williams Park south to Michael Gladden Boulevard, and then Michael Gladden Boulevard east to Park Avenue. 

The trail is being paid for through the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) in the current 2021-2020 budget.