City Land for Sale

City of Apopka Vacant Land at 751 North Park Avenue For Sale (Posted July 2020)

Property Details

  • Address: 751 North Park Avenue
  • Location: Southeast corner of North Park Avenue (Rock Springs Road) and East Sandpiper Street 
  • Amount: $1,267,500 (appraised)
  • Future Land Use: Commercial 
  • Zoning: C-C, Community Commercial
  • Acres: 8.45 ± (Less Right of Way (ROW) for E. Sandpiper Street realignment as shown: 8.093 acres)
  • Property Tax ID: 03-21-28-0000-00-035 (Orange County Property Appraiser Link)
  • Map: Location Map on Orange Country Property Appraiser Florida Site
  • Utilities:
    • Water: 8 inch PVC of Park Avenue (West side of site)
    • Sewer: 
      • 8 inch PVC of Sandpiper Street (North side of site) 
      • 10 inch PVC gravity on Park Avenue (West Side of Road)
    • Reuse: Not Available

Please Note: Less Right of Way (ROW) for East Sandpiper Street realignment as shown: 8.093 acres. 

Bids and Offers for 751 North Park Avenue Property

  • Any legitimate offer will be reviewed and presented to the Apopka City Council for award. In the case of tied high bids, an auction will be conducted for the highest bid. 
  • Bids will be reviewed as submitted and presented to City Council for review and award based on the submittal. 
  • Refundable deposit for low bids: 1% of bid (depending on bid offer) with a minimum bid of $1,267,500 required. Bankers or cashier’s check only. 
  • Financing is not applicable to this sale.
  • Normal closing costs and fees as applicable by each party. 
  • Submittals must be received electronically via the DemandStar e-bid process no later than October 2, 2020 at 4:00 PM EST at  It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that his or her bid is submitted in a timely manner. (Instructions to address free registration with DemandStar and how to submit an electronic e-bid can be found under information files.)
  • In the event that you do not have access to submit your bid electronically please contact Jessica Pugh at (as indicated in the attached instructions).

Bids must be approved by the Apopka City Council and any sale shall be final upon approval and full payment. Final sale must occur within two months of bid approval by City Council. 

Future Land Use and Zoning changes may be applied for, but not guaranteed, and provided they meet the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning requirements. 

Non-residential commercial uses only. 

Additional Files

Contact for Site Development Information

James Hitt, Community Development Director
City of Apopka
120 East Main Street
Apopka, FL 32703
Phone: 407-703-1712

A copy of the appraisal report will be provided upon request by contacting James Hitt at