Operational Support

Operational Support is supervised by a Captain and includes the:
  • Central records function
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Quartermaster
  • Traffic unit
  1. Central Records
  2. Fleet Maintenance
  3. Traffic Enforcement

Central Records

Without the ability to document crimes and other infractions properly, members of the department could not bring offenses to the State's Attorney for resolution. The agency's central records process all incident reports, citations, and traffic crash reports.  

Central Records is also responsible for maintaining accurate statistics that are sent to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)/Uniform Crime Reports Department to monitor the crime index throughout the state.

Public Assistance in Obtaining Records

Members of Central Records assist the public in obtaining a copy of an incident report or calls for service, local records checks and insurance requests. 

All incident reports, traffic citations, and other documents are kept in a document management system where they may be retrieved when needed. Incident reports where an arrest has been made are processed and disseminated to the State Attorney’s Office for prosecution, the Clerk of Court, and/or Juvenile Court Liaison Officer. Traffic crash reports are kept on file and the original is sent to the department of motor vehicles in Tallahassee. 

Report Availability & Cost of Service
Copies of reports are available as law permits and at a cost allowed by law.