A licensed contractor that is registered with the city of Apopka must submit an application for permit to the Building Division of the Community Development Department.

Online Permit System

Track your submitted application with our Online Permit System.

Requirement Exception

If the owner of a single-family dwelling or the owner of a commercial building not being sold or leased is performing the work himself/herself, an owner/builder may apply for Ownership (Warranty Deed or Tax Bill) [Owner/Builder Affidavit].

Statute & Code References

A permit is required prior to the construction, enlargement, alteration or repair of any building structure or part thereof (FBC 105.1).

To ensure compliance with City, State, and Federal regulations, a permit is required to insure competency license and insurance of your contractor and to provide a safe living environment. (F.S. § 553.79)

Questions & Concerns

Contact the Building Division 407-703-1713 for any questions or concerns.